Saturday, February 27, 2010

bored writer here

Well, my addiction to words seems to be the master of me. In order to quench it I have agreed to become a book reviewer through Book Sneeze. I am really excited. It is a win-win situation for me! I love reading, especially when the books are FREE. I love giving my opinion! Book Sneeze features Christian and conservative publishers for the most part. I was excited to be accepted by them. My first book should be here any day. It is actually by a national figure I admire. Judge Napolitano. I had an opportuniity to see him speak recently and now I regret not going. I look forward to reviewing his book. I am so desperate for something to write I have sunk to doing Haiku! Hurry Mr Postman, bring my book.

I hope this doesn't happen to me! (excuse the one cuss word please)

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