Tuesday, June 1, 2010

rejoice! I am keenly aware that I am surrounded by wonderful people, wonderful sights, wonderful sounds, all to God's glory!  My woods is full of life. Birds chirping incessantly accompany the sound of my computer keys as I type. The neighbor's (SO NOT MINE) cat stretches lazily on my deck, as it sleeps upside down on a patio chair. My pink impatiens seem to be growing right before my eyes as they overflow the basket they call home. I have just had a heart warming discussion about kefir with a good friend. I am curiously watching a pair of birds as they flit in and out of the weeds on my hillside. My imagination engaged as I wonder if there is a nest secretly tucked among the weeds. I am grateful the cat is asleep for their sakes.It is a great day to be alive. I wonder where my pink flip flops will take me today?

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